Oxy Tool Chest Bag Set 2020

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Occidental Leather 2020 Specifications:
•  Features Patented 2-in-1 Pouch
•  Patent No.: US D530,506 S
•  Pockets & Tool Holders : 38
•  One Size Fits All
•  Not available in left handed model.

Fastener Bag Dimensions
•  Main Bag : 10" x 8"
•  Outer Bag : 8" x 6"

Tool Bag Dimensions
•  Main Tool Bag : 10" x 8"
•  Outer Bag : 6.5" x 5.5"

Occidental Leather 2020 Features:
•  Large Sleeve Pocket Accepts Angle Squares, Misc Tools, Cell Phones, etc.
•  Comfortable Foam Shoulder Padding Lined with Dri-Lex to Wick Away Perspiration
•  Freedom From Tool Clutter
•  Ergonomically Designed
•  Complete Tool Organization System with 38 Pockets and Tool Holders
•  Rhythm of movement and comfort through ergonomic weight and tool distribution.
•  The tools are worn on each side of the vest, distributing the weight to the upper body instead of the lower back. Includes holders for all the most commonly used tools with easy "cross draw" access.
•  The left bag features our patented 2-in-1 bag design with 4 pouches plus angle square holster. The right bag offers 3 bags and is a perfect "nest" for a cordless drill! The removable bags can be clipped to each other back to back for freestanding access while working in tight spaces!
•  Vest may be removed and hung by "D" ring at the job site then tools and fasteners can be easily accessed. Bags may be removed and the vest worn alone. The fully adjustable system allows ample room for winter clothing.