Occidental Leather 8564 Clip-On Carpenter Fastener Bag

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• Clip-on fastener bag combines leather and nylon for lightweight durability.
• Outer Oxy Dual Bag offers a more compact 3 pouch design.
• Designed to fit the 2535 - Builders Vest.
• Unique patented 2-in-1 outer bag with angle square holster between main and outer bag, 3 bags total.
• Also has a tri-square sleeve, cat’s paw loop and external nail set or driver bit pouches.
• Fastener Bags hold the tools and fasteners most often accessed with the left hand (nail sets, tri-square, cat's paw, driver bits, angle square, etc.) and are worn on the left side of the body.

• Pockets & Tool Holders: 9
• Main Bag: 9" x 8"
• Outer Bag: 8" x 6"